Maine Gathering Craft Studio & Maine Craft Festivals

Some of the finest crafts in America can be found in little towns like Camden Maine. In this little town is one of the oldest craft stores in Maine. Founded in 1981, Maine Gathering is local treasure for Maine’s finest crafts people. Howard and Margaret Gallagher have owned and operated the store for over 33 years.

Maine Gathering is an icon in Camden. It’s a place where local artists can gather and share their work with the world. The store specializes any fine craft made in Maine, such as jewelry, wooden decoys, Nautical Crafts, ornaments, Maine beach stones, ceramics, Giclee prints & photographs, glass crafts, Maine U.S. bells, trillium soap, folk art, chocolate, and more. Its the perfect place to go to for a quality memento of your wonderful time in Maine.

Showcasing the rich diversity of Maine’s crafts, Maine Gathering is not your typical e-commerce site. We’ve spent twenty years gathering a unique crafts collection, with an artisan’s eye for signature craft art, often one-of-a-kind or special order items. Now our customers can shop with us throughout the year, no matter how far they are away from Maine.

This site is the former home page of the Maine Gathering craft store, and while no longer associated formally with the store, it will remain a testament to the community they have forged over the years with their dedication. You can see the Facebook page here. Some of the art on the Facebook page.

In order to weather the tests of time owners Margaret and Howard have established a well organized shop that has wonderful art in every nook and cranny of the shop. Some folks wonder if the store could use a professional organizer like Steve. But we think they have done a wonderful job over the years of showcasing the different art of the local artisans listed as: Business Services  -> Arts & Crafts Supply Store. Its really more of a Gallery & Antique Shop.

In 2013 they moved to their current location at 8 Bay View Street in Camden. They can be reached at 207.236.9004 or email at

The original “store” was on the Camden public landing. This wonderful public space served as a informal gathering place for artists of all sorts, and over the Gallagher’s have crafted a wonderful permanent location through their perseverance and hard work. We salute their dedication!

We are proud of the Maine craft community. As long standing members of this community Maine Gathering is often involved with the vibrant craft festivals each year. Some of the festivals which take place in Maine each year include:

The Camden Harbor Summer Arts Show

Held in July AND October each year and has well over 100 craftspeople. This is a juried event, which means that ribbons are given to the best artists and crafts. Sponsored by the Camden Rockport Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce (also known as Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce). Highlights include strolling the historic harbor and meeting and establishing a personal business relationship with the craftspeople and artists. The one in July is also known as the Carol Sebold Fall Harbor Arts Juried Arts & Crafts Show.

Camden Harbor Park
Camden, ME 04843

The Annual Bangor Arts & Crafts Show

This is held in the big Bangor Civic Center.  It is a wonderful two day festival in November each year. The United Maine Craftsmen guild exhibits here each year and the quality is of the highest.

100 Dutton St.
Bangor, ME 04401

Arts and Craft Festival at the Car Show

Finally consider going to the Arts and Craft Festival at the Car Show in Hyannis. American arts and crafts abound at this fair, with a huge car show being held on Sunday. This festival includes home made gourmet foods such as jams, honey, cookies and more. The extensive crafts include tile, stained glass, toys, lamps, quilts and more!

Hyannis Village Green
367 Main St
Barnstable, MA 02601

Maine Crafts Guild Annual Fine Craft Show

Held at the Maine State Museum, this show has a plethora of fantastic holiday gifts.

230 State St.
Augusta, ME

We will continue to bring you fantastic articles related to the arts and crafts scene. Thanks so much for reading this article!


Home Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

For many homeowners, homes are their biggest investment, and they would do everything to see to it that they remain in perfect condition. However, while many would want this for their homes, not many people know where to start on their home maintenance. In fact, many are held down by their own fear of making things worse whilst they are trying to carry out some DIY repair. This should not be the case. Some repairs in and around the house are so minor that you can handle them with great ease. There are some repairs however that will require you to call in an expert. Below are some basic home maintenance tips.

Air conditioning

For appliances that do a lot to provide you with the perfect temperature regardless of the season, most homeowners do not conduct regular maintenance on them. You should bear in mind that if regular maintenance is not carried out, they may eventually siphon out large amounts of money from your bank account to cater for repairs.

For these appliances, check on the condensation hose often to ensure that the water can freely flow. If you notice some stagnant water, be sure to form a drainage path and line it with gravel to prevent the growth of mold and algae, which can lead to serious health problems. The screen that is located on the air conditioner can also be filled with dirt and debris limiting the air flow.


A leaking toilet tank, will cost you a whole lot more on utility bills than it will to repair and maintain. If you are not sure if your toilet tank is leaking water, you could try this trick. Color the water in the tank and come back after an hour to check if the water in the bowl is also discolored. If indeed it is, then your tank is leaking.

In this scenario, you will need to put in a new flapper. For this, you are required to shut off the water supply to your toilet tank, remove the lid and then completely empty the tank by flashing. Disconnect the flush chain from its lever and slide the old flapper off the overflow tube replacing it with the new flapper. After reconnect the chain and turn on the water supply.


If your faucet is leaking, it may be because your washer is worn out. The faucet washers tend to wear out fast as they are made from rubber. For a quick and easy replacement, you will first have to cut the water supply, unscrew the faulty handle, and put a new washer in place of the old one. Nothing could possible go wrong in those simple steps.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of the critical undertakings for the individuals especially in the ranges where the area is under thick cover immense tall trees. Despite the fact that this action is a confounded one yet at the same time, it must be performed. Amid electrical storms and overwhelming rains, there is a plausibility that trees may tumble around the solid blow of winds that may bring about serious harm to property and individuals too.

Before such things happen, it is constantly better to be a touch careful giving tree evacuation a genuine thought. Tree evacuation is not under the limit of everybody; it must be done with specific procedures done be professional tree surgeons for a superior and helpful removal.



5 ways of how to easily find best construction contractor

We all admire buildings which are well designed and finely built. The artwork manifests itself after completion of the building project. The construction contractors play a key role in determining how stylish or elegant the building will be. These are specialists who are given the responsibility of supervising the buildings from the moment their construction begins up to their completion. The main roles of these professionals is to estimate the costs of building materials, estimate cost of obtaining licenses and link with other professionals such as architects and engineers. Highlighted below are 5 ways of how to find best construction contractor.

Top on the list is their registration and license. A good construction contractor ought to understand the relevant policies required such as the labor laws and measures to take in case an employee gets injured. He/She should also have the right academic and experience qualifications. Hiring people who are not qualified could result in wastage of construction materials and poor standards of the buildings.

One should use the available contacts to find best construction contractors. This list consists of our friends, relatives and building inspectors. A friend for instance might have received premium services from a certain specialist; they could refer you to them. Building inspectors are key reference points in the construction field. They usually have many contacts and they know the best building contractors who are available.

It is advisable to check the list of all completed projects by a certain construction contractor. It is a common saying that history repeats itself, thus a contractor with a good track record is more likely to provide quality end results. The completed projects also provide an insight into the creativity and experience of the specialist in question, and it aids in selecting the best one

Another prime factor is the emergency response strategies. Construction projects are prone to accidents. The best constructor should be adequately prepared to tackle all the possible negative incidences. They should understand how to deal with injuries to workers, also how to avoid wastage of material. A good constructor should know the right ratios of mixing cement, ballast and bricks.

Moreover the price charged by the specialist is a key factor of consideration. You should only higher affordable people. However quality should be more of a priority than the cost. The prices should match the standards of the professional.

These factors provide an answer to the question of how to find best construction contractor. A client should carefully analyze these issues before committing to one Therefore after reading this article finding the best construction contractor will be an easy task.